Yesterday marked two weeks complete of my very first Whole30. I say “very first” because honestly I feel amazing, and I can’t imagine that I won’t do another round (or few rounds) throughout the years.

While yes, Whole30 has shown to give some pretty amazing weight loss results, that is not the focus of the Whole30. It’s a 30 day reset to get your body where it should be. I’ve been following along with Melissa Hartwig’s Whole30 Day by Day guidebook, and in it, she encourages you to focus on your non-scale victories. And let me tell you, they are numerous.

My mood is more stable.

It’s no secret that eating healthy and sticking to an exercise routine is good for your mental health. I’m someone that can easily find myself in somewhat of a depression down-swing, with a very negative outlook on life. After two weeks of the Whole30 program, my mind is clear, my attitude is positive, and I’m already thinking of steps I can take to better my life in other ways (like writing this blog post, for example).

My teeth are whiter. (How is that even possible??)

I’ve done the white-strip thing before. And they work. But as a recent consistent coffee drinker, I’ve noticed in the past few months that my teeth aren’t as white as they were before. After this short time on W30 I’ve definitely seen a difference in how white my teeth are! I thought I was doomed to a life of yellow teeth, but apparently not.

I’m craving less sugar.

I know, I know – everyone who starts eating healthy says some version of “You know, actually now my body just doesn’t WANT any sugar! I’d rather have an apple!” But guys, I’d rather have an apple. When you’ve cut out ALL added sugar from your diet, natural sugars are genuinely sweet enough. I had mango on a salad I made this week and it was just. I can’t even say. So delicious.

I have A LOT more energy.

Before Whole30, it would take me hours to feel fully awake, and I always relied on a pre-workout supplement to give me a boost. These days, I’m feeling much more alert in the mornings, and when I hit the gym I haven’t needed any kind of energy boost – it’s just already there. Even mid-afternoon, when I would typically lose focus and motivation at work, I’ve been getting a second wind to finish out my day strong.

I can recognize a craving vs. actual hunger.

For years I’ve been someone that felt like I needed to eat every two hours or so. A morning snack, an afternoon snack, maybe a late night snack. Is “snack culture” a term? Because that’s definitely the culture I’ve been living in. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been able to stop myself and ask if I’m truly hungry, or if I’m just having a craving for something that will likely pass within 10 minutes.

My skin is clearer.

This one is simple. My skin just looks better. I’ve noticed during my skin care and makeup routines that my skin has more of a natural glow to it, and I’m seeing my dark under-eye circles slowly get smaller. Which is also a testament to…

I’m falling asleep much easier.

My brain doesn’t shut off at night. In fact, when I lay down to go to bed, that’s when it ramps up. I’ve been a melatonin fan for about six months now, but I’ve tried to stop taking that during my round of Whole30 to see how it changes my sleeping patterns. That’s not to say that I fall asleep quickly like a Disney princess, but I’m definitely doing much less tossing and turning.

I’m not binging.

I am definitely an emotional, compulsive eater. When I feel strong emotions of anger, stress, sadness, etc. that’s typically when I would run through the drive-thru or maybe eat a box of cookies (or maybe both). What I’m seeing on W30 is that the meals are so nutrient dense and satiating that 1. I’m feeling fuller longer and 2. I’m creating new healthy habits that replace those negative reactions.

My self esteem is way higher.

With each day of Whole30, I’m feeling more and more accomplished, healthier, and all around amazing. I’m feeling a confidence that I haven’t felt in a while, and my body image is reaching new levels, because I know that I’m taking good care of it with proper nutrition.

I feel more at peace with food than I ever have.

These days, I’m taking my time when I cook, appreciating the food, but learning to not use it as an emotional crutch. My three meals a day keep me full and fueled, so that I’m not constantly thinking about my next meal. All the food I’m making (especially from the Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook) is delicious AND nutritious. This is the first time in years that I’ve been this diligent about my food choices, but at the same time, not stressed about my food choices.


What a list. Going into the Whole30, I didn’t think I would be able to recognize these major changes this soon in the program. Remember, I’m TWO WEEKS in. I still have 15 days left to go – 15 days that I’m sure will be challenging and exhausting, while at the same time rewarding and energizing.

I feel so grateful for committing to the Whole30. If these are the changes I’m seeing after only 15 days, I can only imagine what will happen when all 30 are behind me.

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