I did it! I completed my first round of Whole30! But what did I think of it, and would I recommend it others?

Spoiler alert: It was amazing, and I recommend it to anyone.

About a year ago I “tried” to do the program, but got lazy after about three days and thought “Eh, I get the gist of it, why would I need to do 30 days?” I wish I could smack my past-self and say “STICK WITH IT BECAUSE YOU DON’T GET IT YET!!”

So fast forward to December 2017, and I saw some people on Instagram gearing up to do it in January. I’m VERY into New Years goals and the prospect of a refresh and blank slate, so I decided to jump on in.

The first days.

generally eat pretty well, so I didn’t experience much of the carb/sugar hangover that many people do. I was a little cranky and tired and felt a little bit a digestion disturbance, but for the most part I kicked off the month with good energy.

Some notes from my journal: Good energy; cranky and tired; Got my energy back; stomach issues have resolved.

Weeks two and three.

Into my second week, I could feel my body’s natural cues for hunger. I discovered that I probably wasn’t eating enough with my meals, so I added a little bit to each one and that did the trick. It’s easy to under-eat, but if you load up on enough nutritious foods you can definitely stay satiated until your next meal. These middle weeks are when I started to recognize when I was actually hungry vs. a craving for something sugary.

Some notes from my journal: Recognized a craving over actual hunger; I noticed how sweet natural sugars are; feeling “over it;” felt a new rush of energy!

Towards the end.

The last week-ish was interseting to me. I went from feeling completely over it and bored with my food to OMG I HAVE ALL OF THE ENERGY IN THE WORLD I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! back to over it, and so on. By the end, I was flying high on the energy that comes with 30 days of eating whole foods. I stuck it out through the food boredom (with some help from Pinterest recipes, of course) and finished on track.

Some notes from my journal: Feeling over it, need some new recipes to mix things up; solid energy all day! Best I’ve felt so far!

The Results.

The Numbers: I’d be lying if I wasn’t hoping for a decent weight loss post-Whole30. I know it’s not the focus or purpose of the program, but this is still something that motivates me. My “goal” for January was to aim for a 10 pound loss. All in all, I lost 13.6 pounds and 7 inches overall! I couldn’t be happier with these results, and it’s an amazing way to kick off 2018.

The Real Stuff: Whole30 is difficult. It’s a lot of meal prep. It’s a lot of grocery shopping. It’s a LOT of dishes. It can also be tough to say no to things or to explain why you’re not eating doughnuts at the office. But it’s worth it. My body hasn’t felt this good in a while, and I don’t want to go back to feeling sluggish and uncomfortable in my own skin. Some words from my final journal entry are willpowerfollow throughconfidence, energy, and happiness.

So yeah. If you’re considering an overhaul on your eating habits or the way you feel around food, I definitely recommend the Whole30.

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