Being active in the “fitness community” on social media, it’s very easy to get caught up in the “no excuses” and “team no days off” mentality. Often on the days when I miss a workout, I’ve felt like I’m slacking or that I’m not as dedicated or committed to living a healthier lifestyle like so many that I follow. But honestly, I love rest days.

Today is Monday, January 22. I haven’t been to the gym since last Wednesday, January 17. I took four rest days in a row, and here’s why I couldn’t care any less.

I’m a human.

I didn’t feel like it. It’s that simple. The past four days, I just simply did not want to haul myself to the gym and do cardio or wait in line for the free weights that I want to use. I refuse to feel bad that for four days I let myself sleep in and lay on the couch with my cat and catching up on all of the Shonda Rhimes shows.

I’m currently 21 days into my first Whole30, and so my nutrition has been on point. I drank plenty of water. What I DIDN’T do this weekend was sit on the couch eating fast-food and ice cream like I would have a few months ago. That’s my focus here. Not how many hours I can log in the gym and how many mirror selfies I can take to prove that I worked out (not that there’s anything wrong with doing those things – lord knows I take a selfie every time I’m at the gym).

The point that I’m trying to make is that if you feel bad that you didn’t work out or burn the amount of calories you wanted to, it’s not the end of the world. This whole thing is about the process, and recognizing the wins when they happen. For me, that was not overeating and starting the binge-restrict cycle all over again, but staying committed to the nutritional challenge that I’ve set for myself this month.

All of that said, I definitely plan to hit the gym today after work, because I know that sticking to my typical work week routine is good for me. But sometimes you just need some quality couch time to sit, rest, and realize what’s going right, rather than dwelling on what COULD be better.

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